Pediatric Eye Exam

It may surprise you that it is recommended that a child get his or her first eye exam at six months of age. They should have another visit to the eye doctor as a preschooler and continue to see the eye doctor regularly throughout their school years. This is true whether or not they have problems with their vision or eye health. The eyes are key in processing the world around us, and it is important to take care of them at all ages.


Baby Eye Exams

Babies that are under 2 years old are tested primarily for three important visual skills. These include

  • Their pupil's ability to respond to light by opening or closing
  • Their ability to fixate on a moving object and follow it as it moves
  • Their ability to choose to gaze at a striped card rather than a blank one

These tests will help your optometrist evaluate your child’s focus, color vision, and depth perception. An ocular exam can rule out potential issues such as infantile cataracts, glaucoma, or even tumors in the eye. 

Preschool Eye Exams

During the preschool years, kids can participate much more in their pediatric eye exams. Our Jonesboro optometrist will be able to evaluate your child’s overall eye health, eye tracking abilities, color vision, three-dimensional vision, and test for common childhood conditions such as a lazy eye. Children that lack these skills may have trouble with fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception, which may make reading and learning in school more difficult. These early exams also ensure you’re your child is seeing properly close up, far away, and at intermediate distances.

School Age Eye Exams

If your child has made it to school without any problems with their vision, it does not mean that you are off the hook. Even though it is likely that they will participate in vision screenings to attend school, these screenings are not a replacement for a comprehensive eye exam. A vision screening may give a rough baseline for visual acuity, and the ability to see at different distances, but will not be as precise as a comprehensive exam. A pediatric eye exam performed by our optometrist will also make sure your child’s focusing, tracking, and teaming skills are where there need to be. If a child does have issues with any of these things, prompt treatment can limit their struggles.

Eye Doctor in Jonesboro, AR

Whether it is time for your child's first trip to the eye doctor, or they are just due for their next exam, Fletcher Family Eye Care in Jonesboro, AR, has the resources and staff to help your child see their best.  To learn more about pediatric eye exams or to schedule an appointment, call us at (870) 930-9200.

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