Eye Tracking Problems

Clarity is not the only thing that matters when evaluating the quality of someone’s eyesight. Here at Fletcher Family Eyecare, we can conduct other tests that provide a more comprehensive assessment of someone’s vision quality. Feel free to drop by our Jonesboro, AR clinic if you or someone in your family needs to undergo vision testing.


Some of the tests that we perform are designed to assess how well your eyes move. Poor eye tracking could be affecting you in ways you haven’t even realized yet. It’s important to know if you are affected by those issues so you can pursue potential treatment. Learn more about the importance of eye-tracking evaluations by reading on.

Potential Problems Caused by Poor Eye Tracking

If your eyes have trouble moving around, you may be diagnosed with a condition known as oculomotor dysfunction. The aforementioned condition can affect several aspects of your everyday life. An individual with oculomotor dysfunction may struggle to read. In this case, the person’s struggles with reading may stem from their eyes not moving fast enough as opposed to poor comprehension. Kids affected by that problem may struggle as they go through school. After undergoing tests conducted by an eye doctor, you may also discover that your poor visual tracking is giving you headaches. Poor eye tracking can also cause balance and depth perception issues.

Undergoing Testing and Therapy

If you suspect that you are affected by eye tracking issues, you can go to an optometrist to confirm that. Your optometrist can conduct different types of tests to determine if you do struggle to keep up with things using your eyes. These non-invasive exams that will give our optometrist great data to work with.

Once our optometrist has diagnosed your condition, they can present you with treatment options to try out. They may put together a training program that is meant to improve your visual tracking. They can also ease you into visual therapy so your tracking can improve over time. You may even be able to go through the training or treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Eye Doctor in Jonesboro, AR

We at Fletcher Family Eyecare can evaluate your eyesight and determine if you are affected by any visual tracking issues. Pay a visit to our clinic in Jonesboro, AR if you want to do something about your poor eye tracking. Call us at (870) 930-9200 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist. 

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