Eye Focusing Problems

Why Am I Having Problems Focusing My Eyes?

Everyone has blurry vision and can't focus on something from time to time. Maybe your vision is just blurry due to seasonal allergies. However, when you have problems focusing, you should have your eyes checked by an optometrist because it may just be something simple, or it could be a sign of a common eye condition. Our eye doctor at Fletcher Family Eyecare in Jonesboro, AR, can perform the necessary tests to see what is going on with your eyes, then discuss treatment options.

Eye Focusing Problems

What Could This Be?

When you have trouble focusing your eyes, it is often due to a refractive error. That means that the shape of your eyeball is such that the light coming in doesn't bend correctly. Things look blurry when the rays of light don't focus correctly on your retina.

Sometimes this refractive error occurs because you are getting older, but sometimes, it is due to the shape of your eyeball or cornea. These can all be due to your genes - if your parents have refractive error eye issues, chances are good that you may have them as well.

Refractive Error Conditions

If your eye isn't completely round, you have what is known as astigmatism.

Another type of refractive error is myopia. That is just the fancy name for something you have probably heard of - nearsightedness. Myopia is when you can see things up close just fine but can't focus in on things in the distance.

Hyperopia is the exact opposite of myopia - you can see things far away without a problem but have trouble focusing on things close.

If you have always had excellent vision but are middle-aged, you may have presbyopia, which is age-related farsightedness. You may find yourself suddenly unable to focus on a computer screen or have trouble reading a book close.

Our optometrist can run a few simple tests to check to see why you are having problems focusing. It may be that you need glasses or if you already have glasses, you need your prescription changed. You may have dry eyes and need eyedrops from our eye doctor to help keep your eyes moist.

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