Our Eye Doctor in Jonesboro, AR, Can Treat Myopia

Also known as nearsightedness, myopia refers to a condition when the eyes can see clearly up close. However, things appear blurry when looking at them from a distance. Most people who have this condition need some type of treatment from an eye doctor. You can get eye exams and treatment for myopia from Fletcher Family Eyecare in Jonesboro, AR.


Causes of Nearsightedness

Myopia is a relatively common condition, affecting up to 30% of the population. In most cases, myopia starts in childhood with genetic roots. For a few people, though, nearsightedness may not have a genetic cause but develop later in adulthood. Luckily,  it is so common that there are multiple treatment options available to help you to see better both close up and at a distance. 

In adult cases, diabetes or other health conditions or stress may contribute to its development. For those who have blurry vision after extended up-close work, generally, there is good news. This form of myopia tends to be temporary and corrects itself after resting the eyes.

Diagnosing Myopia

To diagnose myopia, our optometrist will require you to have a comprehensive eye exam. By using the results of your tests with an eye chart and a phoropter, our eye doctor will determine if you have nearsightedness. Both of these tests are painless. During an eye chart test, you will look at an eye chart across the room and read the line of letters our eye doctor tells you to, giving us information on your distance vision.

The phoropter is a series of lenses our optometrist puts over your eyes while you look at letters. You tell our eye doctor which lenses help you to see more clearly. By going through a series of different options, we can choose a prescription to best correct your vision.

Treatment for Nearsightedness

Treatment for nearsightedness typically includes prescription eyeglasses or contacts. However, talk to our optometrist about alternative therapies. For example, LASIK eye surgery can produce long-lasting results and lets you see without glasses. Ortho-K contacts may let you go through a day without glasses or contacts, though you will need to wear the specialty contacts at night.

Get Help for Vision Problems at Fletcher Family Eyecare

If things at a distance appear blurry, it's time to schedule a visit with our Jonesboro, AR, clinic, Fletcher Family Eyecare. You can do this either online or phoning our clinic staff at (870) 930-9200. We have a fully outfitted eye clinic to help you to see clearly, whether you have nearsightedness or another vision issue. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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