Dry Eye

Dry eyes result from the eye not producing enough tears to keep the eyes hydrated, resulting in scratchy, irritated eyes. Seeing an optometrist can help diagnose this syndrome and provide treatment for the condition. People with dryness in the eyes can find relief using over-the-counter eye drops and ointments. In contrast, others may require more aggressive treatment options, including plugs, a change in contact lenses, lifestyle change recommendations, and more potent medications. 

Our eye doctor at Fletcher Family Eyecare in Jonesboro, AR, can help diagnose and treat dry eye syndrome. 

Dry Eye


Many people suffer from dry eye symptoms, resulting from various causes, including medications, environmental, and tear production. Increased evaporation caused by blinking less often, direct heat, high winds, and smoke can also present with symptoms. Additionally, when the tear glands become clogged, it can cause issues resulting in symptoms. Aging and other health conditions may also cause symptoms to appear. 

Treatment Options

In some cases, dry eye syndrome can be treated using over-the-counter eye drops or ointments. Other ways to treat this condition are to use a humidifier, wearing sunglasses, and avoid direct heat. If medications cause the symptoms, speak with your physician about changing medications to help reduce the symptoms. 

If the symptoms persist or do not resolve on their own with at-home treatments, speak with our optometrist to receive a proper diagnosis and start treatment. In more severe cases, getting punctal plugs or other more aggressive treatments might be necessary to help treat the condition and allow the eyes to produce more tears. 

Who Is at Risk? 

Some people are at greater risk of developing dry eye syndrome, including people with allergies. Additionally, people over 50 years of age and who are women are at greater a risk. Other risk factors may include working at a computer all day or working outside in high wind conditions. 

Visit Us for More Information and Treatment

If you are suffering from the effects of dry eyes, it seeks attention from our optometrist who can diagnose and treat the root causes of the symptoms. Our eye doctor can provide self-care treatment options and, if necessary, recommend surgery or other eye care treatment options. We at Fletcher Family Eyecare are here to help Jonesboro, AR, residents with all their eye care needs. Call our office at (870) 930-9200 to schedule an appointment with our team. 

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