Eye and Vision Exams at Fletcher Family Eyecare

Eye and Vision Exams

Eye exams are the first step in treating any eye conditions. In Jonesboro, AR, we are the eye doctors with the latest computer vision diagnostic tools to help you get the most comprehensive look at your eyes and identify any issues before they start. At Fletcher Family Eyecare in Jonesboro, Dr. Fletcher and her team of skilled and dedicated optometrists and specialists have years of experience in helping patients achieve optimal eye health. Early detection is crucial for preserving your vision, especially because most eye conditions show no warning signs in their early stages. 

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Starting Your Eye Care Journey

Every eye exam should start with a discussion of your eye care goals for that visit, even if it's just to ensure that your glasses are up to date. With these goals in mind, your optometrist can help create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

What Does Our Optometrist Check During an Eye Exam?

Our eye exams will check your eyes for many basic health conditions. You'll have your eyes checked for cataracts, both close-in and distant vision with the classic eye chart test, and your optometrist will look inside your eye to check for eye movement, peripheral vision, and the pressure of your eye – a critical early warning sign of glaucoma.

When to Get an Exam

Between birth and age 16, we recommend an eye exam every six months to check for and track vision changes. A routine exam at these ages can not only track but also reduce or even eliminate myopia. After age 45, you should be examined for your close-in vision. Presbyopia affects almost every adult over 45, with 83 to 89% of people over age 45 having some amount of presbyopia in the USA.

If you have presbyopia, you will begin to find it more difficult to see things up close and may even reach a point where you cannot read text within arm's reach. Even though aging can be a challenging subject, remember that you are not alone: there are an estimated 123 million people with presbyopia in the United States every year.

Glaucoma Can Steal Your Sight Without Warning

Glaucoma needs to be discovered and diagnosed early to be treated successfully. Without glaucoma treatment, you could lose vision in one or both eyes without any warning. Call our optometrist to schedule an exam to check your eyes for these and other problems. Fletcher Family Eyecare is here to help you in Jonesboro, AR. Call our office at (870) 930-9200 to schedule an appointment.

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