Signs of Computer Vision

For many people, spending long hours each day in front of a computer screen is the norm. So many jobs depend on working at a computer that it is now common to get computer vision syndrome. When a person has computer vision, they should see the eye doctor about the condition and discuss treatment. At Fletcher Family Eyecare, we have provided residents of Jonesboro, AR with reliable eye care services for many years. Our optometrist will assess your eyes to determine whether or not you are affected by computer vision syndrome and recommend treatment accordingly.

Cause of Computer Vision

Computers can cause computer vision syndrome because of the type of light they emit. When people read text on a backlit screen, the light emitted can make it difficult to read. This light makes the eyes worker harder, leading to eye fatigue. The blue light emitted by the monitor can affect the way your eyes feel as well as the way they see. If you don't have enough lighting to see the computer well, or you have a glare on your screen, it can make the eyes work even harder.

Symptoms of Computer Vision

The symptoms may start mild but can worsen over time. Many people who suffer from computer vision get dry eyes. They may feel gritty, stinging, itching, or burning. The eyes may also get red due to irritation. Eye fatigue and strain can make your eyes feel tired and sore. You may see double, or you may have blurry vision. Headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain often occur alongside computer vision syndrome. It can also make you dizzy and more sensitive to light.

See Our Optometrist About Computer Vision

Call Fletcher Family Eyecare today at (870) 930-9200 for more information on computer vision syndrome or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor.

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