Eye and Vision Exams at Fletcher Family Eyecare

Eye exams help to assess a patient’s eye health and their capability to focus and discern objects. Each test we provide during an eye exam examines a different aspect of your overall vision and eye health. If you are struggling with an eye-related issue or are due for an eye exam in Jonesboro, our team at Fletcher Family Eyecare is here to help. Our optometrist has the knowledge and experience to provide you with personalized eye care during your next exam.

Eye & vision Exams

Routine Eye Care

Most people understand the purpose of eye and vision exams, which enable your optometrist to measure visual acuity and eye health. A variety of conditions could cause your eyes to suffer from an affliction, like conjunctivitis or other medical problems. The treatments for many eye afflictions can be affordable and rapidly effective. But other eye conditions can be more problematic, like cataracts, glaucoma, and other types of eye disease.

No matter what eye-related issue you may be experiencing, an eye and vision exam can help to determine the problem. Once we know what is affecting your eyesight, we can use time-proven methods to correct your vision and manage any eye ailments. Some eye diseases do not have any symptoms in their early stages, making it essential to maintain routine eye exams. During your exam, we can diagnose whatever underlying issue you’re experiencing before symptoms set in.

Corrective Lenses and Lasik Procedures

Our optometrist can determine how well you can see during your next exam and whether or not you need corrective lenses. Corrective lenses are a time-proven way to enable people of all ages to see perfectly while going about their busy days. We offer a wide range of eyewear options to ensure you receive a pair that improves your vision and works with your daily life. We provide various name-brand frames and offer hard to fit contacts for those who require specialty lenses for their eyes. 

Many people also find LASIK eye surgery to be an effective way to correct refractive errors without needing to wear glasses or contacts. LASIK is a procedure that can be intimidating for some patients. However, we offer pre- and post-LASIK consultations to ensure the process is safe and effective. Throughout your recovery, we will work with you to help your eyes heal and ensure no eye-related issues occur.

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If you need to schedule your next eye exam in the Jonesboro area, contact our optometry team at Fletcher Family Eyecare today. Our trusted optometrist is ready to help you with all of your vision and eye health needs. We are committed to providing our patients quality eye care at any stage of life. Whether you need help managing an eye disease or want to update your prescription, our professional staff is here for you and your family.  Contact us today to schedule your next eye exam or to learn more about the various eye care services we offer. 

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